No matter what you do, where are you from? Each & every being wants a successful & happy life.  Everyone makes promises to themself on every New year that from today I’ll work for my dreams day & night to achieve their dreams.

But then reality hits everyone & then people slowly leave working on their dreams or goals either due to the fear of failure or it’s too risky now….first I need to become more stable or have a backup plan. 

Achieving success in any field is not an easy job & our brains don’t want us to put in any discomfort. That is the reason many hidden gems remain hidden only because people got settled with what they have & choose the less resistant path. 

As Jared Leto says-  “Work is the bridge between dreams and reality.” So just be warned: if you have big dreams be ready for a ton of work.”

That work is pure hard work day & night & we are capable of doing that but our brain doesn’t let to do it. So if you want success you must conquer yourself first & don’t worry I got your back these 7 practical ways will surely help you to achieve that.

1. Understand your behavioural patterns: 

Start noticing your action in these stated situations. 

i. What’s your approach in uncertain situations?

ii. What you do when you are feeling fearful? (I’m not talking about life-threatening situations)

iii. How you spend your free time when you know you can work on your dreams?

If you got all the answers is like- I try to avoid uncertain situations,  I try to avoid all the fearful situations until & unless there’s external pressure on me, & I always go after instant gratification in my free time

Now you know the root cause of why you couldn’t even start your journey towards success. In further points, you’ll get to know how to overcome these situations.

2. Don’t listen to your Over-protective brain:

The brain always wanted to keep us safe & protected. It will doesn’t let us do new un-explored adventures in life. The brain is like our over-protective parents who just wanted that their kids to only those things which they think are necessary. 

Now you get the feeling why you’re not able to do anything new, stop listening to your over-protective brain & start listening to your soul. Because your heart knows somehow what is right for you. But that doesn’t mean you left your brain behind in the journey of success you need both heart & mind to be in sync. How to do that?

For exampleHow you convince your parents that I want this toy in your childhood, the same way you need to convince your over-protective brain of yours that look i want this & you’re gonna help me. In beginning, it may not be convinced but with repetition, your brain will be in sync soon.

3. Stop thinking you have time:

Everyone thinks that they have time & they always delay what’s needs to be done. Why? Because we are so indulged in instant gratification that we make our life work 2nd priority. We wait to do that work until it becomes too late or until the deadline arrives.  

The truth is we delay our important work because of the fact that it seems too daunting at first & our brains don’t want us to face any discomfort, so we delay until we can. But for your dreams, there seems to be no external deadline available that’s why so many new year’s resolutions just getting recycled each & every year like brand new.

You need to take charge of your life & you need to take necessary actions which require to achieve success.

4. Find your Superior in your field:

In today’s digital world it’s a walk in the park to find a mentor in any specific field. Find one who has already achieved what you want in the future. See what they’re doing, read their biography, listen to their podcast. Become a freak stalker & learn each & everything about them &learn from it.

5. Practice gratitude:

We humans like to find negativity in each & every situation. Our brain has that kind of capacity that it can change the positive situation to negative. Like you have a house, nice family, food on your table each day but your brain will tell you to look at that lad he’s living in that luxury house & you’re living at an average-looking house. 

Many people are like this only, but successful beings focus on the positives rather than the negatives. So start writing a journal every night before going to sleep. Write even the slightest positive thing which happened to you like- you’re feeling healthy today.

We always remember bad experiences or negative situations because our brain is biased towards the negative side. And whatever good things happened with us we don’t even consider that. So force yourself to find positive situations for which you’re grateful for then the shift will occur in your brain after some days if you do it consistently.

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. -Buddha.

6. Affirmations:

Affirmations are also a great tool to bring a positive shift to your mind. At first, when you read & affirm it, you will hear a noise from the back-end of your mind is that’s not true. But the thing is if you repeat some affirmations after waking up & before going to sleep, slowly your brain will reciprocate your words in a welcoming way. I suggest a maximum of 3-5 affirmations of your choice affirm to yourself daily for 30 days to see some effects.

7. Conquer your fears:

According to me, this by far the most important aspect to work on for. Fear is the reason many potential never come to light. Many people in this world have so much to share but they never come forward because of the fear like other people’s judgments, they feel they’re not good enough, they don’t have anything special within them.

This is only a self-limiting belief which people make in their minds for so long that they manifest this thought into reality. As we all know that We are born with only two innate fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud”. 

All the other fears we make on our own in our minds. But the good news is if we can make these fears, we can destroy it too.  Start with figuring out what’s your fear? Whether it’s public speaking, communication skills, or whatever it is start facing it whenever you face that situation don’t avoid it, face it. And if you think to overcome your fear you need to master some skills then do it first & then face it. Eventually, you’ll be able to overcome your fears.

Remember one thing always that many great successful people also have fears at their early stage but they conquer it, if they can so can you.

8. Don’t let failure stop you:

Many people muster up the courage to pursue their goals which they’ve made but soon as they hit the 2-3 roadblocks in their journey they think that’s it, I don’t have what it takes.

You need to understand one single fact that if you want to achieve real success in any field, accept one simple fact that failure is a teacher who’s just trying to teach you a lesson so you won’t commit that mistake again.

Nobody is perfect, even the world’s greatest successful person made mistakes but they learn from them & move on, they don’t stop after hitting some roadblocks.

Stop treating failure as an enemy & stop being over-critical to yourself. Have faith on yourself even if you fail sometimes. Become your own cheerleader & whenever you face failure learn from it & continue your journey.

I like Failure… its part of the FACT I LOVE Failure 🙂 #TheGame- Gary Vaynerchuck

So there you have it, I’ve given all 8 practical ways to train your mind for success. Always remember that

“Success is a process, not an event”.- Gary Halbert.

So now go implement all 8 practical ways & do share how effective these ways really are. I’m waiting for your responses. Cheers!!!

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